Mexican Maid Hazel Heart Fucks Client HD

Mexican Maid Hazel Heart Fucks Client HD

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How adorable is Hazel Heart?! 18 years old. Fresh out of . Originally from Mexico. Full of innocence and optimism. Joining the adult world for the first time. Doing her part during this ing pandemic to help out her struggling family... such a good Even though my cleaning service fucked up and sent a maid two days in a row, I didn’t have the guts to let her leave empty handed. So I gave her some money for an interview and got to know her a little better. It started off pretty vanilla talking about her family and but soon enough evolved to the more juicy stuff... does she like guys or girls, is she a virgin, does she like sucking dick!? ...lucky for her, she knocked on my door! I offered her a few hundred dollars more.. and in no time my cock was halfway down this little cutie’s throat! Her moans as I squeezed my thick hard cock in her ridiculously tight teenage pussy.. so sexy... she could barely take the whole dick, yet loved every inch!



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